Aviation Security Training Institute (ASTI)

At ASTI, we provide a set of DGCA and BCAS certified Courses.
The courses are building on each other and upon completion, a test has to be passed in order to obtain one’s certification.
our courses
Duration: 12 days
A mandatory course defined by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) (NCASTP) for a person imparting Aviation security functions and is also required for appearing at screener examination.
AVSEC Induction
Duration: 05 days
A mandatory course for security personnel obtaining Airport Permit, as per AVSEC order No. 03/2014
In-house Screener
Duration: 03 days
As per NCSTP this is mandatory course for appearing at the X-ray screener examination.
AVSEC Refresher Course
Duration: 03 days
A mandatory course as per NCASTP after every 2 years of Basic AVSEC
AVSEC Awareness
Duration: 01 day
Every person working at the Airport environment will have go through this 1 day course for obtaining Airport permit, as per AO 03/2014 (Validity 01 Year)


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Dangerous Goods Training Institute

MUMBAI : we offer a set of DGCA approved courses for dangerous goods training.
Coming soon...
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